Peppers Holosuite – Hubs Avatar Recorder

[Requirements] Windows 10 [for 3D Motion Capturing] VR capable 3D graphiccard, HTC Vive system, SteamVR

Features: Motion Capturing, Audio Recording (experimental), Import/Export to Mozilla Hubs Replay compatible .json (converting left handed -> right handed coordinate system) coming soon: Export Filter (Formations, Slow Motion, Time Lapse)

Download Version 0.1 alpha

Peppers Holosuite – Hubs Avatar Recorder is currently developed at the Akademie für Theater und Digitalität Dortmund. We do not warrant that this pre-release software will meet your requirements, the operation or output of the pre-release software will be error-free, accurate, reliable, complete or uninterrupted. Peppers Holosuite is not obligated to support, update or upgrade the Pre-Release Software.